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Artist: Theresa Andersson

I was reading up on fellow nerd, Wil Wheaton’s blog and saw a post about Theresa Andersson, intrigued by the first frame of the video on Mr. Wheaton’s blog i had to click and take a listen.

Miss Andersson, a proverbial “one-woman band” who is based out of New Orleans in the US. combines the technical skills of a electronica crafter with the songwriting and performance sensibilities of a indie folk artist who would be at home in any trendy coffee shop on a Friday night. Her music has a DIY feel right down to her even hand crafting 1500 sleeves for her  EP, another example of the attitude shown in her musics production and performance.

be sure to check her out, her newest release, Hummingbird Go! is available at Amazon.com.


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