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SpoCon 2008-08-01/03

I attended the rebirth/restart of SpoCon last weekend. a new Sci-Fi fantasy and gaming convention on the gorgeous grounds of Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. i was able to attend a panel on the 501st legion With members of the Seattle Washington based Garrison Titan of the 501st and on the second day attended a panel with members of the Rebel Legion and various costumers from the professional world as well as advanced hobbyists.

I was also able to attend the interviews of two of the cons guests by Jim “J.C.” Granger of the Pacific Fen Spotlight be sure to check out his show. Overall i have to say this con was so well executed I was actually shocked. I hate to even use the words “for a first year con” at this point due to it casting it in a light of comparison that makes it sound as if i was expecting it to fail which i surely was not but i have to say it did greatly exceed my expectations.

IMG_9610 IMG_9602 IMG_9596 IMG_9594-2 IMG_9593 IMG_9592 IMG_9589 IMG_9584 IMG_9581-2 IMG_9578 IMG_9575 IMG_9230 IMG_9621 IMG_9630 IMG_9617 IMG_9233 IMG_9229-2 IMG_9583 IMG_9194 IMG_9189 IMG_9192 IMG_9196 IMG_9203 IMG_9594 IMG_9598 IMG_9579 IMG_9184 IMG_9174 IMG_9175 IMG_9179


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