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I can see in their eyes…
Trivium and All That Remains @ The Knitting Factory

I recently went to the Trivium and All That Remains co headlining show on its Spokane Washington stop last Saturday. This tour introduces new material for both bands and is a precurser to going out on other package tours and smaller headlining tours for both in support of their new albums.
Trivium played numerous cuts from their new album “Shogun” including the very hard edged “Kirisute Gomen” a very thrash metal oriented piece reminiscent of early Metallica. They also played the new track “Into the Mouth of Hell We March” this song showed the mellower more melodic side of Trivium and was equally well received by the audience.
All That Remains is also on the cusp of a new release as well. They played numerous new tracks from their upcoming release entitled
“Overcome”, interspersed with classic tracks from their back catalog.
The Show was started off with the prog metal band The Human Abstract followed by a set from the alaskan/ now Portland based 36 Crazyfists.

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