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I can see in their eyes…
Trivium and All That Remains @ The Knitting Factory

I recently went to the Trivium and All That Remains co headlining show on its Spokane Washington stop last Saturday. This tour introduces new material for both bands and is a precurser to going out on other package tours and smaller headlining tours for both in support of their new albums.
Trivium played numerous cuts from their new album “Shogun” including the very hard edged “Kirisute Gomen” a very thrash metal oriented piece reminiscent of early Metallica. They also played the new track “Into the Mouth of Hell We March” this song showed the mellower more melodic side of Trivium and was equally well received by the audience.
All That Remains is also on the cusp of a new release as well. They played numerous new tracks from their upcoming release entitled
“Overcome”, interspersed with classic tracks from their back catalog.
The Show was started off with the prog metal band The Human Abstract followed by a set from the alaskan/ now Portland based 36 Crazyfists.

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Seether, Sevendust @ Greyhound park Post Falls ID

sRock 94.5 and the Knitting Factory put together one hell of a show by bringing in Seether, Sevendust, Sick Puppies, In This Moment, Red, Tantric, Hurt and Egypt Central

This was quite the package and was spread across two stages providing non stop music. Everyone performed a top notch set although i was specifically impressed by In This Moment, Sevendust and Seether.

I was only photo passed for Seether at this one so everything else was taken from the crowd with somewhat mediocre results. I look forward to catching In This moment again when they come back with Five Finger Death punch at the Knitting Factory on Oct 28th.

IMG_9907 IMG_9885 IMG_9878 IMG_1763 IMG_1761 IMG_1759 IMG_1756 IMG_1746 IMG_1743 IMG_1738

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Dave Matthews Band saxophonist, LeRoi Moore, dies at 46

Its a sad day in the world of music, LeRoi Moore, founding member of the Dave Mathews band passed away on the afternoon of August 19th, 2008 after sudden complications from a previous accident on his property outside of Charlottesville in June.

Moore, born Gary Lee Moore on September 7, 1961 in Dunn, North Carolina was a popular musician in the Charlottsville music scene prior to his his meeting with Dave Mathews. During these pre DMB years Moore Played in such acts as the Charlottesville Swing Orchestra, and with the John D’earth Quintet and was a regualr staple at Miller’s Bar the venue that one could call the melting pot in which he met Dave Mathews and other future members of DMB.

During his time with in the Dave Mathews Band he was known not only for his dynamic and crucial contribution via the sax but also for his hand at arrangement and occasional co-writing.

Godspeed on your journey LeRoi

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“And celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain”

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SpoCon 2008-08-01/03

I attended the rebirth/restart of SpoCon last weekend. a new Sci-Fi fantasy and gaming convention on the gorgeous grounds of Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. i was able to attend a panel on the 501st legion With members of the Seattle Washington based Garrison Titan of the 501st and on the second day attended a panel with members of the Rebel Legion and various costumers from the professional world as well as advanced hobbyists.

I was also able to attend the interviews of two of the cons guests by Jim “J.C.” Granger of the Pacific Fen Spotlight be sure to check out his show. Overall i have to say this con was so well executed I was actually shocked. I hate to even use the words “for a first year con” at this point due to it casting it in a light of comparison that makes it sound as if i was expecting it to fail which i surely was not but i have to say it did greatly exceed my expectations.

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OTEP @ The Knitting Factory

OTEP, Droid, A New Revolution and Benign appeared friday night at the knitting factory, after having to cancel on an earlier show in May due to frontwoman Otep Shamaya having to take time off to recover from some vocal issues. There was no trace of any vocal problems at Fridays show however, her unique and powerful voice was in full force.

IMG_9153 IMG_9137 IMG_9118 IMG_9117 IMG_9109 IMG_9098 IMG_9096 IMG_9069 IMG_9065 IMG_9058 IMG_9047 IMG_9037 IMG_9025 IMG_9014 IMG_9010 IMG_9006 IMG_8997 IMG_8984 IMG_8973 IMG_8964

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Colleen Rice, Emily Brock and Matt Sonntag @ Calypsos Coffee

Colleen Rice

A few local artists at a coffee shop in downtown Couer d’Alene Idaho. I caught Colleen Rice (myspace) and Emily Brock (myspace) but unfortunately had to miss Matt Sonntag’s part of the show (myspace)

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Summer Slaughter tour hits the Knitting Factory


The Summer Slaughter tour passed through Spokane Washington this weekend playing at the newly renamed Knitting factory. Bands included Whitechapel, Pyscroptic, Aborted, The Faceless, Born of Osiris, Despised Icon, Cryptopsy, Vader, Kataklysm, and The Black Dahlia Murder.


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