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One Love – The Wailers @ The Knitting Factory

The Wailers -  Spokane WA

The Wailers in Spokane Washington.

The Wailers played a headline show at the knitting factory to a well mixed and enthusiastic crowd. They played an interesting mix of some of their older songs from the Bob Marley days. a great show for fans of Marley or reggae in general.

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Whadda ya mean i don’t support your system? – Megadeth @ The Knitting Factory

Megadeth made a stop on their “Rust in Peace 20th anniversary tour” in spokane and played what i have to say was an epic show, with openers Exodus an Testament (who also played their album “the legacy” in its entirety the show was a superb reminder of some of the shows i used to see as a teenager.

they still got it, bigtime.

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I Will Never Be Safe, I Will Never Be Sane – Everclear @ The Knitting Factory

Portland rock band Everclear made a stop in Spokane this friday playing a set including all of their classics as well as some you would not expect to hear.

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